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Free baby bath bomb with every purchase and a free 50g product with purchases over $45

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Alchemellia Alchemellia – Free baby bath bomb with every purchase and a free 50g product with purchases over $45  | Free Baby Bath Bombs with every purchase

Alchemellia was officially developed in November 2017 by Dr Kris Bascomb & her daughter Sally Redden. At Sally’s insistence, Kris developed a lotion and bath soap for Baby Jax in 2015. When Jax got a nasty Nappy rash – Kris made a cream to help – which amazingly healed it in 24 hours!! – then when Sally got a cracked Nipple from Breast Feeding Kris advised Sally to try the nappy cream on it – which also healed in less than 24 hours – and so began the signature product which has been forever dubbed the TTBB Cream short for “titty titty bum bum” cream!

Their love of babies and children, and experience in the newborn baby business, prompted them to make the skin care range that Sally was keeping all to herself, and in November 2017 they started offering it to the general public at their medical Clinic, Boston Bay Family Health Practice.

Alchemellia are completely natural products, as well as nourishing and moisturising, they provide much needed protection for delicate baby skin. With such amazing results and feedback the skin care range grew to include a selection of lotions and balms that also deeply condition and soothe problem skin. They’re not allowed to claim any healing abilities – it’s not permitted by TGA.

As parents it is important to have an option to stay away from the “unknown nasties” in everyday soaps and lotions that are too harsh for fresh skin which can cause irritation, or further exasperate babies delicate skin. Kris and Sally work from the principle “if you can’t eat it – you shouldn’t put it on your skin – definitely not your babies skin!!”

Alchemellia uses naturally derived ingredients where ever possible and mostly certified organic ingredients where available. There are a couple of exceptions – a baby wash & lotion with less that 1% baby powder scent – they definitely think its worth the compromise – but for those who don’t, there is an all natural hemp oil option for an extra moisture kick.

All of the Alchemellia products are lovingly made and packaged here on the Eyre Peninsula by Dr Kris Bascomb herself – continuing to constantly have us wondering where she finds the time!!

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